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women in Romania

Snapshots from my first visit to Jubilee:

Being on the N.I. Committee of the Jubilee support group, I wanted to see first-hand, the Jubilee House and meet the girls.

The House – looked attractive from the outside. The ground floor, comprising Kitchen, Dining & Activity area, Bathroom, Offices, etc. – is in quite good shape, although in some need of repair – especially the ceiling of the large dining and activity area. The first floor living accommodation, i.e. bedrooms and bathrooms, are in urgent need of repair and refurbishment. The second (top) floor is, in my opinion, unsuitable for living accommodation and needs reconstruction, repair and refurbishment.

The ‘Girls’ – I found them to be very likeable & friendly. They were responsive to doing hand-craft work and other activities. However, I could see their limitations and vulnerability.

The Staff – impressed me with how dedicated and hard-working they were, and so committed to the care of these 14 needy women.

The Needs– I could see that the girls’ basic and essential needs, of food, security, and shelter are mostly being met. However the ongoing need of nance for the running and maintenance of this Home is paramount to its survival!
Since writing the above, I have been again for a second visit to Casa Jubilee; and I hope to go yet again!

Kris Lowenstein

Roving photographer for, and Treasurer of, the N.I. Support Group