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Christian care for vulnerable
women in Romania

A few members of the Relief Team with some of Casa Jubilee residents

On 10th August the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland  Relief team travelled to Casa Jubilee, a women’s refuge centre on the outskirts of Bucharest, Romania.  The refuge centre is dedicated to the Christian care of vulnerable women from socially deprived and abusive backgrounds who are mentally challenged and traumatised to varying degrees.

The team engaged in much needed practical work to make Casa Jubilee a safe, habitable and comfortable home for the women.

Creating new bedrooms.

The work included new bedrooms, kitchenette and bathroom area, internal and external painting, fencing, windows and doors in the stairwell, necessary upgrading of electrics, plumbing, tiling and CCTV security. Many of the women helped with the work, creating bonds and friendships, giving us the opportunity to speak about God’s love for them. These women have been hurt by sin but God loves each one of them and we sought to show His love through this practical work.

As well as practical work, team members spent time doing fun and developmentally friendly art and craft activities with the women.  Laughter and singing together were regularly heard and this was an enjoyable time for everyone.  We thank God for the positive relationships that we built up with the women.

A day off to the Black Sea – a first for most of the women.

Many of the team took the opportunities to rest and recharge by visiting some of the local areas of this beautiful part of Romania.  The highlight was visiting the Black Sea where most of the girls and staff from Casa Jubilee joined us.  This was the first time many of them had been to the sea, so this was a very special moment for both the girls and the team.

The spiritual aspect of this trip was the most important part and we had worship twice a day and worshipped with local churches on the Sabbath.  Each team member was greatly encouraged and blessed by these times together.  Topics discussed included;


  • The importance of seeking help from our Heavenly Father before any earthly leader.

    Twice daily devotions

  • Creation – created and controlled by God.
  • Heed the Master’s command – keep your eye on the work and your ear on the commands.
  • God’s blessings in the life of the believer.
  • Importance of faith in all that we seek to do.
  • Compassionate ministry to others.
  • How to be an effective evangelist.
  • All members are part of the body of Christ and have vital skills.
  • Encouragement to keep doing God’s work.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Blessing of the righteous man.
  • The final judgement.
  • Dependence on God through difficult times.
  • Continually keeping God’s word within our heart.
  • We are chosen and special in God’s eyes.
  • Blessed and doing God’s work.

The girls who call Casa Jubilee their home have greatly appreciated what we have done.

Painting the outside of Casa Jubilee

We pray that the Christian love shown to them will have a lasting impression on their lives.  For ten days we were part of a team, a family enjoying a unique bond.  We rejoice and thank God for the harmony, fellowship and friendship we now have.  This trip and each person I’ve met holds a very special place within my heart.  Man’s chief end is to Glorify God and we sought to achieve that objective.  We give God all the glory for our time in Romania.

Charlene Stephenson

Team member